Boston x Maastricht, NL

artist's statement

A “moving portrait” is created through the use of video in a photographic manner. The camera does not move and the subject makes minimal motion in order to create a photographic effect.

The videos in this exhibit are between 30 seconds and three minutes long, played on a loop. My first inspiration for this body of work comes from the closing credits of the movie The Motorcycle Diaries (2004), directed by Walter Salles. During the credits, there are moving portraits of indigenous people throughout South and Central America. The people in the portraits remain very still and the shots are about five seconds long, then the composition changes to the next person or group of people. This exhibit, however, is different from the closing credits of The Motorcycle Diaries because of the simultaneous playing, exhibiton-like quality.

While recording, I refrained from giving subjects any direction other than to show minimal movement and not to talk. I wanted to see how they would react to sitting still and silently for a camera for up to three minutes. I have never tried anything like this before, and I went into it without many preconceived ideas of what I wanted to accomplish. I did this intentionally to allow the subject to speak for themselves, and let the image be created naturally with minimal guidance.